10 Minute Meetings

The 10 Minute Meetings are an opportunity for all TALB members across the Association to discuss the same "Hot Topic" at the same time. This is a way for members to engage with their Association by providing input and feedback about the topic as well as receiving current information about what's going on in the Association.

**NOTE: The 10 Minute Meeting Incentives have been calculated for participating schools. The incentive is $5 per average person calculated based on the average attendance of eight 10 minute meetings from September through April 2017 using Roll Call Slips submitted with names. For more info, scroll down to the bottom of this page. Click the button below to see the incentive amounts for each participating school.

**NOTE TO REPS: Discuss with your members how you would like to spend your incentive. Someone will need to advance the cost first. Submit receipts to the TALB Office (Attention: Eric) along with the name and address of the person to be reimbursed. A reimbursement check will be issued for up to the incentive amount.  Deadline to submit receipts is Wednesday, May 31, 2017. Reimbursement checks will be processed and mailed in June 2017.

Hot TOPIC of the Month:

  • May 2017: Waivers

    1.  Does your school currently have a contract waiver, or will you have one next year?

    2. Did you conduct a vote to renew your waiver for the 2017-2018 year?

    3.   Did your administration follow the contract and work with you to write the waiver?

    4.   Did your Site Based Decision Committee play a role in the waiver process?

    5.  Do you have any comments to share with TALB about the waiver process?
  • April 2017:
    K-12 Hot Topic:

    1.  What is the most valuable service TALB provides to you?

    2.  What service would you like to see TALB provide that it currently does not?

    3.   If you have had a reason to contact TALB did you receive good service?

    4.   What is your overall opinion of TALB?

    5.  What would motivate you to become more involved in TALB?

    CDC/Head Start Hot Topic:

    1.     Have you had to provide replacement service for a teacher who was absent?

    2.     How many times in the last month have you had to provide replacement service?

    3.     How many hours of planning time would you estimate you have lost while covering for absent teachers?

    4.     How many times has a substitute failed to show when you notified the manager of your absence at least 48 hours in advance?

  • March 2017:
    K-12 Hot Topic: MyPD

    1.  Have you used MyPD?

    2.   Have you received training on MyPD?

    3.  Do you think the district should provide more training for MyPD?

    4.  If you used MYPD did you find it useful?

    5.  Have you posted to MyPD or been filmed for MyPD?

    6.  Share a comment about MyPD.

  • February 2017:
    K-12 and CDC/Head Start Hot Topic: Technology

    Do you have the technology needed to do your job?
    If you need technology for student use, is that equipment maintained?
    When was the last time your teacher workstation was replaced?
    If you have a computer problem how long does it take to be fixed?
    Have you received training on how to use new technology? 
  • January 2017:
    K-12 Hot Topic: Meetings

    1. Does your site use all 4 monthly meetings?  How many of them are used for Professional Development?  How many of them take place during a conference period?
    2. Does your administrator ask you to read an article prior to meetings?  Are you asked to complete a form based on that reading prior to the meeting?
    3. Do you have any input into the agenda for the mandatory meetings?
    4. Do any of the 4 meetings appear to be meetings just for the sake of filling the required 4 hours?
    5. Does your administration try to get you to attend more than 4 meetings per month?

CDC/Head Start Hot Topic: Planning Time

  1.  Is “Planning Time” built into your daily schedule?
  2. Is your “Planning Time” a block of time at least 30 minutes long?
  3. Who determines when you get “Planning Time”?
  4. Is “nap time” included as part of your planning time?
  • December:
    K-12 Hot Topic:
    Does your site have unfilled aide positions?
    Does your site have aides provided by an outside agency?
    If an aide is out, are there substitutes available?
    Do the aides appear to be qualified and trained for the position they have?

    CDC/Head Start Hot Topic:
    How often are you required to provide class coverage of an absent teacher?
    How are you compensated for providing class coverage?
    Are you provided time to enter data into the computer during the school day? How much?
  • November:
    K-12 Hot Topic: 
    If you attend an IEP in excess of your 4 hours, does your administrator sign your hourly pay form without any issues? Does your administrator schedule meetings in excess of 4 per month and if so, does he/she pay you extra hourly? Does your administrator require you to schedule IEP's during the school day? What are your thoughts on the number of meetings scheduled, and the content of the meetings?
  • October:
    K-12 Hot Topic: 
    What problems are there with the English Language Arts roll out? Do you have the materials that you need? What additional help do you need from the District or school administration?

    CDC/Head Start Hot Topic: 
    Are you being required to cut sandwiches for your students? If you are, how is this impacting your work day?
  • September: Proposition 55 and Measure E


  1. Reps communicate with members at school site about when to have their monthly 10 Minute Meeting.
  2. At the 10 Minute Meeting, Reps convey info to members about major topics discussed at the recent Rep Council meeting.
  3. Reps invite input and feedback from members regarding the "Hot Topic of the Month." Members share their input. Reps take notes. Members that have any local site issues that need to be communicated back to the TALB office or the Executive Board can write them down on a Roll Call Slip. 
  4. If there is time left in the meeting, take some time to provide praise and recognition to colleagues (if they hadn't already been acknowledged at a staff meeting by an administrator).
  5. Reps remind members to refer to the TALB Bulletin Board and the TALB UPDATE newsletters (print and email) for upcoming news, actions, events, activities, and volunteer opportunities.
  6. Reps get a head count of those in attendance. This number is reported in the Monthly Rep Survey. Reps give out and collect Roll Call Slips for credit towards the incentive (see below).
  7. Reps compile notes and pass on the info in the Monthly Rep Survey (around the 3rd week of the month).
  8. At the Rep Council meeting (around the 4th week of the month), Reps turn in completed Roll Call Slips. Reps receive the next "Hot Topic of the Month" for the next 10 Minute Meeting the following month.

Monthly Rep Survey

REPS ONLY - Please report back what you have heard from the members at your site via the Monthly Rep Survey during the 3rd week of the month.

Roll Call Slips

We ask that everyone fill out a Roll Call Slip completely. It is not meant to be an anonymous survey. We use them to track engagement and we use the demographic data to evaluate the kind of activities/events that TALB is providing for members. Roll Call Slips are needed for credit towards the incentive (see below). Reps can click here to download and print Roll Call Slips. It's okay to use your school's photo copy machine to print more. Blank slips can also be picked up at the TALB office and at Rep Council meetings.

10 Minute Meeting Participation Incentive

Each school site will receive an incentive based on $5 per person, determined by the AVERAGE number of members attending 10-Minute Meetings during the school year, from September through April. Each school site can determine what they would like to purchase with their incentive. Submit receipts to TALB for a reimbursement check up to the incentive amount.

Example:  30 members (average of 8 mtgs)   X   $5   =  $150

Incentive Requirements:

Attendance for this incentive is determined by completed Roll Call Slips from each monthly 10 Minute Meeting, turned in at the following Rep Council meeting or to the TALB office. (Individuals who attend multiple 10 Minute meetings in the same month will only receive credit for one.)