IFT Grant Brainstorming Workshop

TALB is hosting an IFT Grant Brainstorming Workshop for anyone that has an idea for a school program and would like to explore applying for an IFT grant (see below). The workshop will be Thursday, December 3rd at 4:30PM at the TALB office.

To sign up, go to the RSVP page here.

The CTA Institute for Teaching has established a competitive strength-based grant program for CTA members and chapters to demonstrate what teachers can do when they have the freedom to create and invent. 

The grant application process is open to individual CTA members, small teams of educators and affiliated local chapters. Applications can be submitted online fromJanuary 1 through April 30. The awards are announced in June. Detailed grant information can be found on the IFT website - www.Teacherdrivenchange.org - by clicking on the grant link.

Competitive educator grants will be awarded in amounts up to $5,000.
Competitive impact grants will be awarded in amounts up to $20,000.

Grant proposals need to reflect innovative efforts to enhance student achievement. Applications also must specify how the proposed project is strength-based and how it will improve teaching and learning conditions. 


Please contact the CTA Institute for Teaching
Dick Gale, IFT Manager/Program Director - dgale@cta.org
Merri Boston, IFT Program Specialist - mboston@cta.org.