Long Beach Time Exchange

TALB has partnered with the Long Beach Time Exchange (LBTE) to help provide a way for our members to receive an indirect benefit for all the volunteer hours you've been giving to our Association and in the community.

Do you volunteer your time anyway?

  • Do you help friends or fellow colleagues at school? Do you help in each other's classrooms? Do you help each other plan lessons or prepare materials or supplies?
  • Do you serve as a Site Rep for your school? Do you help distribute materials to your members? Do you help facilitate TALB elections? Do you attend Rep Council meetings? Do you conduct 10 Minute Meetings?
  • Do you attend any TALB events, workshops, or activities?
  • Do you serve on any TALB committees? Do you help plan, organize, and/or support activities and events? Do you help monitor the Association's finances? Do you help represent the interests of your colleagues on special Task Forces or on the TALB Executive Board or at CTA State Council or at the NEA Rep Assembly?

You could receive a benefit for all of these kinds of activities where you've been freely giving your time!

Time Banking

A "Time Bank" is a community of people that exchange skills and services using time as a unit of currency. There are time banks all around the world. Locally, we have the Long Beach Time Exchange where you can connect with hundreds of other people that are currently involved!

In a nutshell, here's how it works:

  • You become a member of the Long Beach Time Exchange. Click here for the application.
    It's "pay-what-you-can" so your membership can be FREE or you can contribute what you can to help with their operations. No membership application is denied for lack of funds.
  • For every 1 HOUR that you volunteer, you earn 1 TIME CREDIT in the exchange.
    • Since TALB is a member organization, any volunteer work that you do for TALB can receive credit. In fact, you can also earn time credits for attending TALB events, workshops, or activities. (If there are other ways that you volunteer at your school, consider seeing if your school can become a member organization.)
    • Any volunteer time that you give to other individual members is also counted as credit. So you can also encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join as well and everyone gets credits for giving time to each other.
    • You can browse the exchange to see what other members are "Requesting" to find things to do and earn more credits.
    • You can add to the exchange by including other services you'd like to offer to other members.
  • Spend your TIME CREDITS in the exchange.
    • Browse the exchange to see what other members are "Offering." You might see things like people offering help with gardening, computer assistance, home decor, professional massage, consultation, bike repair, sewing, coaching, cooking lessons, musical instrument lessons, elder care, foreign language tutoring, and more.
    • Spend your time credits by contacting a member offering a service.

LBTE Orientations

We'll host orientation meetings at the TALB office for members that would like to get more information or help with using the system. The next orientation will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 21st, 2017 at 5:00pm.

LBTE also hosts orientation meetings for the general community at their office.

For questions or more info, contact eric@talb.org.