Long Beach teachers have good leave provisions to meet emergency and personal needs.  Our leave policy allows for personal and professional growth, as well as opportunities to deal with the many stresses and hazards of our profession. Not all leave procedures are delineated in the contract.  Some can only be found in District policy. If you anticipate the need for any type of leave, be sure you obtain a complete description of those policies from the District for the type of leave you need. Problems and inconsistencies should be brought to the attention of TALB.

  • MATERNITY:  Keeping your doctor advised as to your employment needs is very important.  You and your doctor are the parties responsible for determining when you begin maternity leave and when you are ready to resume your assignment responsibilities. Notify the District of pregnancy on the proper form even if the estimated date of delivery is in the summer.  Complications could necessitate use of maternity or child care leave at the beginning of the school year.

  • ADOPTION:  A leave of absence without pay may be granted for the purpose of adopting a child under the age of six years except in the case of a special needs child, the age of the child shall not be a consideration. Adoption leave is charged to sick leave with a maximum length of six weeks.

  • PATERNITY:  Male employees may use personal necessity leave for paternity leave following the birth or adoption of a child.

  • STATUTORY:  Notify TALB when you go on statutory leave. Be sure you are familiar with the established procedure. The District is obligated to communicate it to you. Be sure that you schedule your re-entry examination with the District doctor well ahead of your expected date of return. Several problems have arisen because this appointment was made too near the date the employee wanted to come back to deal with problems that arose. This is especially critical if you would/will be seeking any extension of your leave.

  • PERSONAL NECESSITY:  Up to seven (7) days per year of sick leave may be used for seven (7) of the eight (8) types of leaves included in this contract. The first seven types are quite specific so you need to refer to the contract. Whenever possible, notification should be made to the site administrator before 2 p.m. of the day before leave is to be taken.

  • COMPELLING PERSONAL REASONS:  A maximum of five (5) days per fiscal year of your personal necessity leave can be utilized for a "compelling personal reason." Twenty-four (24) hour advance notification is required. Compelling personal days taken immediately before or after a District calendar holiday require forty-eight (48) hours prior notification, as well as substitute job number and confirmed substitute name.

  • SABBATICALS:  The District may grant employees who have satisfactorily served seven (7) consecutive years sabbatical leave. Fifty (50) percent of salary and fifty (50) percent of fringe benefit premiums will be paid for the leave. Sabbatical leave is granted for one semester or one year. Be sure to read the section on Leaves/Sabbaticals in your contract, Article VII, pages 39-40