Retiring Teachers and Early-Bird Registration

Are You Retiring this Year?

Every year TALB celebrates retirees and the many years of committed service to our children in Long Beach. Honored retirees receive a bouquet of flowers, certificates from elected officials, and are recognized in the banquet program booklet. We need your info!

In order to be included in our recognition of retirees, you must submit the Retiree Info Form AND email photo by May 5, 2017 at the latest. After this deadline, we cannot guarantee that you'll be included in the banquet.

If you are retiring at the end of this school year, and you’d like to be acknowledged at the TALB Unity Celebration banquet, please fill out the Retiree Info Form. 

NOTE: Submitting this Retiree Info Form does not automatically register your attendance for the banquet. You will need to register for the banquet separately. As an honored retiree, the ticket cost will be waived for you by using promo code.

Early-Bird Registration for Banquet Expiring Soon!

To register for the banquet and for more information, go to  The registration deadline is Friday, May 26, 2017. Registration is through Eventbrite so here are your relevant promo codes for you and various types of attendees:

Type                                             Promo Code                   Cost                       

Retiring Members (this year)        retire2017                        FREE

TALB Members by April 30th       earlybirdmember2017     $20 (60% discount)

TALB Members after May 1st        member2017                    $25 (50% discount)

Guests (non-TALB Members)        *no promo code               $50

Register individuals with different promo codes separately. If you would like to reserve one or more tables (of 8 people), first register each individual then send an email to with the names of each person at your table(s).

Recipients of the Educators Breaking Boundaries Awards 2017

Congratulations to this year's recipients of the Educators Breaking Boundaries Award, Patty Martinez and Micah Stork! This award was created in partnership between TALB and Security Benefit to recognize educators that have broken barriers either personally and/or with students while embodying at least 5 of Jackie Robinson’s Nine Core Values of courage, determination, teamwork, persistence, integrity, citizenship, justice, commitment, and excellence.

Patty Martinez is an English teacher at Wilson High School. When she was only 3 years old, her right leg was 1 ½ inches than her left. This total dislocation of her right hip began what would become a life-long challenge of orthopedic issues which has led to casts, surgeries, an abduction bar, a total hip replacement, and a hip revision. Growing up in a Long Beach neighborhood, her family had minimal financial resources and both parents were uneducated. Patty endured verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse from her father from the ages of 7 to 13. He eventually abandoned the family when she was 16 years old. As she grew older, she was diagnosed with clinical depression, clinical anxiety, and PTSD. Early on in her teaching career, she recognized that many of her students struggle with similar issues, having emotional problems and dysfunctional families. She also recognized that schools don’t do enough to support kids with mental illness. So as a teacher, she has developed a rapport with her students and provides that support for teenagers who are struggling. She courageously exhibits an authenticity with her students so that no one has to feel the shame of abuse or mental illness or having a physical disability. Patty Martinez truly embodies the core values of Jackie Robinson and we are proud to present her with this Educators Breaking Boundaries Award!

Micah Stork is a special education teacher at the Adult Community Transition Program (ACT). In his teaching position Micah educates his students in community based instruction, vocational training, life skills, and fundamental academics. It can often be difficult for individuals with disabilities to find employment because of negative stereotypes. His work has made an incredible impact on his students. In one particular example, he invested over 140 hours of instructional time working with a student with autism on a daily basis for over 14 months and he successfully helped the student gain employment at a movie theatre in Long Beach. The student is doing a great job and is receiving praise and recognition in the workplace. Micah demonstrates and teaches patience, persistence, and perseverance as he works with students to break societal barriers. We are proud to present Micah Stork with this Educators Breaking Boundaries Award!

Enrollment Deadline Extended to Apply for Disability Insurance

Teachers Association of Long Beach (TALB) hasn't reached its application goal for Disability Insurance, but – good news – the deadline has been extended until May 15! You and your peers still have time to pull together and help TALB achieve the application goal.

If 5% of TALB members apply for Disability Insurance by May 15, every eligible member who applied will get coverage. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to ensure that you and your peers get the protection you deserve.

In addition, all eligible TALB members without Life Insurance can get $50,000 of Life Insurance without providing proof of good health. Or you can increase your existing Life Insurance coverage with The Standard to the next closest level, up to a maximum of $200,000 of coverage.

Don't miss this enrollment opportunity - apply by May 15!

It could be 3 years or more until the next special enrollment opportunity.


Email: or

Call: 800.522.0406 (TTY), Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

Open Enrollment for the New Plan Year


The new benefits plan year is July 1st – June 30th, 2018.

  • Open Enrollment is your yearly chance to review and change your District benefits to fit all your health care needs. Going forward, Open Enrollment will be held in May each year.
  • During this Open Enrollment period (May 1st – May 31st), you’ll choose benefits that will take effect July 1st, 2017.
  • Be sure to review your 2016-17 Benefits Booklet to understand your 2017-18 benefit options.

New Prescription Drug Formulary

If you are in the Blue Shield HMO prescription plan, effective January 1, 2018 the plan will transition to a four (4) tier system by the provider.

Tier 1: $5.00
Tier 2: $10.00
Tier 3: $35.00
Tier 4: $35.00

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Enrollment

Unlike the rest of the benefit plans, FSA’s will remain on a calendar year (January – December). A separate enrollment period will be offered in the FALL for FSA participation in 2018.

Attacks on Unions Continue. Solidarity is Crucial.

On Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Janus vs. AFSCME fair share fee case. The Plaintiffs have ninety days following entry of judgement to file their request for the Supreme Court to take the case. It is possible that the Court could take the case as early as this fall, which means the Court could issue a decision as early as the Spring of 2018. The petitioners of Janus would like to be “free-riders”. They want all the benefits of a contract, salary and pay increases and Health & Welfare benefits without paying a dime to the Association who negotiated on their behalf.


Tentative Agreement on Compensation and Contract Language


TALB and the District have reached a tentative agreement on the remaining items on the table: compensation and contract language.

K-12 and CDC/Head Start - SALARY INCREASE: 3% increase in compensation.

  • 2% increase to bargaining unit salary schedules, career increments (longevity), stipends, and rates of pay retroactive to July 1st, 2016. An additional one time off schedule payment of 1% based on the unit members earnings for the 2016-17 fiscal year (July 1st, 2016 – June 30th, 2017).

K-12 – Article V – Day & Hours: Adjunct Duties

  • The maximum expectancy for any secondary school teacher shall be twenty (20) hours per semester or forty (40) per year, exclusive of faculty/department meetings.

K-12 – Article V – Day & Hours: Replacement Service

  • Replacement service compensation shall increase from Schedule N (substitute rate) to Schedule P (hourly rate).

K-12 – Article V – Day & Hours: Electronic Grading

  • At the secondary level, an online gradebook shall be maintained and updated at least each month, or more frequently as determined by the Site Shared Decision Making Committee.

K-12 – Article V – Day & Hours: Year Round Schedules

  • Eliminate language regarding year round schools.


  • While on District business, in the event an employee’s vehicle is damaged as a result of vandalism or theft, the District will reimburse the employee for the insurance deductible payment in an amount not to exceed $500 per incident.
  • Reactivate Safety Committee to address student safety and classroom safety.

K-12 – Article X: Class Size and Staffing Ratios

  • The special education special day class annual cumulative average for the District will be a maximum of 14.

K-12 Article XI: Peer Assistance and Review Program (PAR)

  • Reestablished and revised Peer Assistance Program.

K-12 Article XII: Evaluation Procedure

  • In the event there are no managers with a similar credential available, the evaluatee shall select from a list of LBUSD administrators who currently supervise teachers with the same credential or teaching assignment.
  • The evaluation committee will reconvene to develop evaluation forms for non-classroom based unit members (e.g. nurses, teacher librarians, teachers on Special Assignment. Revisit forms for further clarification of overall rating, use of electronic forms/system, use of resource materials and develop an evaluation rubric. 

MOU Establishment of Physical Education (PE) Committee

  • The committee shall convene to identify and recommend key components to address the equipment/facilities needs that have changed due to new laws, new standards and safety regulations affecting physical education (PE).

Head Start – Article V: Days and Hours of Employment

  • The work year for Head Start teachers shall be adjusted.
  • The traditional work year for Head Start employees will be 198 days.
  • Head Start teachers shall have a minimum of one hundred and fifty (150) minutes of program preparation per week.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing Educare & Early Head Start Program Teachers
    • 12 month assignment – 247 days of service.




WHEN WILL WE GET OUR RETRO CHECK?  If the Tentative Agreement is ratified by the TALB membership, the District reports that the 2% retroactive pay will be included on the June 16th pay date. On June 23rd the 2% increase in salary will be reflective ongoing. On September 8th the 1% increase off schedule will be paid.

WHO IS ON THE TALB BARGAINING TEAM? Bargaining Chair: Corrin Hickey – Lakewood H.S., Bargaining Members: Mark Ennen – Newcomb K-8, Donna Gerren – Roosevelt E.S. & Lee E.S., Gerry Morrison – McBride HS, Maritza Summers – Mann E.S., Kevin Quinn – Edison E.S., Christine Kelly – MacArthur E.S., Sybil Baldwin – CDC, Maria Garcia – Head Start.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THE TALB MEMBERSHIP REJECTS THE TENTATIVE AGREEMENT? The terms of the Tentative Agreement won’t take effect and we will return to the bargaining table and continue negotiations.

SHOULD I VOTE IN FAVOR OF THE TENTATIVE AGREEMENT? Each TALB member must make their own assessment of how to vote, but we strongly encourage every member to vote. The Bargaining Team recommends a YES vote on the agreement.

Calendar for Ratification

April 4th - 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. All Member Q & A meeting @ TALB Office, 4362 Atlantic Avenue, L.B.  

April 5th – April 7th Voting – Deadline to vote, Friday, April 7th @ 4:30 p.m.

April 10th - Ratification Vote Results posted online.

Submit Your Nomination for School Nurse of the Year

Do you know of an exceptional school nurse who deserves recognition? The Long Beach School Nurses Association is seeking nominations for the 2016-17 School Nurse of the Year Award. 

Each year, the association recognizes one special nurse for outstanding contributions to the health and well being of Long Beach Unified School District students. To nominate a school nurse for this honor, click the button below to download a nomination form, or contact Nancy Suzuki for a nomination form at The deadline for submission is Monday, May 8, 2017.  

RESULTS - TALB General Election - Spring 2017

Voting closed for the TALB General Election on Friday, March 10, 2017 at 4:30PM. Below are the results:

TALB Officers


  • Barry Welsch (922 votes) - elected
  • Gerry Morrison (5 write-in)
  • Griselda Meza (1 write-in)
  • James Guadagno (1 write-in)
  • Marc Hyatt (1 write-in)
  • Richard Lamprecht (1 write-in)


  • Peder Larsen (505 votes) - elected
  • Gerry Morrison (413 votes)
  • Barry Welsch (1 write-in)

TALB Executive Board

Cabrillo Secondary Director

  • Bernice Banares (6 write-in) - elected
  • Edmonia Foe-Taylor (2 write-in) - runoff declined
  • Berenice Banares (1 write-in)
  • Bernice Barnares (1 write-in)
  • Bernice Benares (1 write-in)
  • Bill Sims (1 write-in)
  • Christine Godfrey (1 write-in)
  • Gabe Tablada (1 write-in)
  • Keisha Lewis (1 write-in)
  • Michelle Montooth (1 write-in)
  • Mieke Harrington (1 write-in)
  • Mieko Harrington (1 write-in)
  • Soraya Powell (1 write-in)
  • Susan Garcia (1 write-in)

Jordan Elementary Director

  • Rene J. Johnson (141 votes) - elected
  • Mimi Kao (1 write-in)
  • Susan Garcia (1 write-in)

Lakewood Secondary Director

  • Felicia Linson (145 votes) - elected
  • Corrin Hickey (1 write-in)

Millikan Secondary Director

  • Susan Hubbs (14 write-in) - elected
  • Robert Strader (3 write-in)
  • Rob Strader (2 write-in)
  • Marlene Hines (1 write-in)
  • Susan Hubs (1 write-in)

Poly Elementary Director

  • Marion Nguli (154 votes) - elected

Wilson Elementary Director

  • Robin Creason (124 votes) - elected

CDC-Head Start Director

  • Melody Henry (42 votes) - elected
  • Beatriz Camara Roosevelt Head Start (1 write-in)
  • Cathy Woods Cdc (1 write-in)
  • Cindy Young (1 write-in)
  • Kathy Morgan (1 write-in)
  • Michael Proby (1 write-in)
  • Sybil Baldwin (1 write-in)
  • Veronica Meza (1 write-in)

CTA State Council Representatives

  • Peder Larsen (510 votes) - elected
  • Davina Keiser (388 votes) - run-off
  • Christine Kelly (382 votes) - run-off
  • Susan Garcia (372 votes) - run-off
  • Lydia Gutierrez (301 votes) - run-off
  • John Solomon (283 votes)
  • Marion Nguli (262 votes)
  • Sybil Baldwin (257 votes)
  • Robin Creason (237 votes)
  • Donald Beaver (1 write-in)
  • Frank Winters (1 write-in)
  • James Guadagno (1 write-in)
  • Linda Warner Mank (1 write-in)
  • Mark Ennen (1 write-in)
  • Soraya Powell (1 write-in)

NEA Rep Assembly Delegates

  • Barry Welsch (593 votes) - elected
  • Michael Day (569 votes) - elected
  • Peder Larsen (555 votes) - elected
  • Davina Keiser (511 votes) - elected
  • Christine Kelly (499 votes) - elected
  • Barbara Christensen (461 votes) - elected
  • Susan Garcia (457 votes) - elected
  • Jane Gordon-Topper (453 votes) - elected
  • Donna Gerren (451 votes) - elected
  • Lydia Gutierrez (441 votes) - elected
  • Terri Robison (434 votes) - elected
  • Sybil Baldwin (430 votes) - elected
  • Pamela Bailey (418 votes) - elected
  • Melody Henry (398 votes) - elected
  • Michaela Quinby (395 votes) - elected
  • Cara Hale-Hanes (391 votes) - elected
  • Nina Jackson (391 votes) - elected
  • Gerard Morrison (388 votes) - elected
  • Florinda Palma-Ramos (382 votes) - elected
  • Paloma Kato (378 votes) - elected
  • Marion Nguli (361 votes) - elected
  • Cynthia Archambault (353 votes) - elected
  • Kecia Woods (353 votes) - elected
  • Linda Nutile (320 votes) - alternate
  • Robin Creason (303 votes) - alternate
  • Heidi-Lynn Doon-Samaniego (301 votes) - alternate
  • Mimi Kao (300 votes) - alternate
  • Pamela Weinstein (288 votes) - alternate
  • Felicia Linson (272 votes) - alternate
  • Katheryn Morgan (253 votes) - alternate
  • Stephanie Seecof (247 votes) - alternate
  • Winifred Foreman (235 votes) - alternate
  • Bola Oduwole (234 votes) - alternate
  • Robert Strader (2 write-in)
  • Anselmo Feliciano (1 write-in)
  • Charlie Dodson (1 write-in)
  • Connie West (1 write-in)
  • Dolores Trevino (1 write-in)
  • Donald Beaver (1 write-in)
  • Ingrid Fuelleman-ramos (1 write-in)
  • James Guadagno (1 write-in)
  • Jimmy Guadagno (1 write-in)
  • Jimmy Guadano (1 write-in)
  • Kirsten Tierney (1 write-in)
  • Maria Garcia (1 write-in)
  • Mark Ennen (1 write-in)
  • Michael Provy (1 write-in)
  • Patria Daliva (1 write-in)
  • Susan Hubbs (1 write-in)
  • Veronica Meza (1 write-in)
  • William Feliciano (1 write-in)

Tentative Agreement on Health Benefits

TALB and the District have reached a tentative agreement on Health Benefits. Negotiations will continue on salary and contract language. The next date for negotiations is March 23rd at the District Office.

All 3 insurance carriers (Kaiser, Blue Shield HMO & Blue Shield PPO) have significant rate increases for our benefit year 2017-18, which will start July 1st, 2017. The largest single driver of increased costs was due to escalating pharmacy utilization. The agreement contains costs under the District Annual Maximum (DAM), which will avoid monthly premium payroll deductions for health insurance. Health Benefits has been bifurcated from the remaining issues at the bargaining table to allow time for Open Enrollment, scheduled for May. The plan modifications are necessary due to escalating costs of health insurance.

Click the button below to download a copy of the tentative agreement on contract language changes (see pages 3-4).


  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
    • Physician Visit: $10.00 co-pay
    • Prescription Plan: (100 Day Supply): Retail Generic and Non-Formulary co-pays are $5; Retail Brand co-pay is $10 effective 7/1/2017
  • Blue Shield HMO Plan
    • Office Visits: $10.00 co-pay
    • Prescription Plan: Blue Shield HMO has mandated a new structured pharmacy plan.  The HMO is moving away from “generic”, “formulary” and “non-formulary” to Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, & Tier 4. Effective January 1st 2018, Blue Shield will transition to this pharmacy change.
  • Blue Shield PPO
    • Emergency Room Visit: clean up contract language, current plan design.
    • Pharmacy: $5.00 Generic co-pay (Mail order remains $0)
    • Diabetic Medications: Due to a rise in diabetes diagnoses, medications shall be filled in a 90 day supply through Mail Order or 90 day supply through Walgreens.

Health Plan Modifications

  1. Effective 7/1/2017, the prescription drug Arestin will be excluded from the plan.
  2. Teladoc Program: A telephone and videoconferencing technology to provide on-demand remote medical care via mobile devices, the internet, video and phone services will be integrated with the medical plan effective 7/1/2017; $40 consult fee, deductible/coinsurance applies.
  3. Rational Med Program: A health and safety program to alert physicians of safety risks for their patients will be implemented for members effective 7/1/2017.
  4. Advanced Utilization Management (With Step-Therapy) Program: An enhancement to the existing clinical rules with additional prior authorization, drug quantity management and step-therapy will be effective 7/1/2017.


Why bifurcate Health Benefits from negotiations? For the past 5 years the Health Benefits Committee has worked to find savings within the overall costs of health insurance to avoid having to make monthly premium deductions for health insurance. If the membership ratifies the changes, savings can be implemented for this July 1st 2017 which will give health benefits a narrow cushion from hitting the District Annual Maximum (DAM). If modifications are not made, the District Annual Maximum could potentially be hit by July 1st, 2018. Given the status of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) being repealed it is unclear if vendors will see an opportunity to increase rates for 2018-19. HBC meets monthly during the school year to keep abreast of all potential savings and increased costs on the horizon.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THE TALB MEMBERSHIP REJECTS THE TENTATIVE AGREEMENT? The terms of the Tentative Agreement won’t take effect and we will return to the bargaining table. However, Health Benefit costs could exponentially explode for July 1st, 2018.

SHOULD I VOTE IN FAVOR OF THE TENTATIVE AGREEMENT? Each TALB member must make their own assessment of how to vote, but we strongly encourage every member to vote. The Bargaining Team recommends a YES vote on the agreement.

WILL THERE BE A RAISE? We return to the table on March 23rd. The Bargaining Team is working for a fair salary settlement.

WHO IS ON THE TALB BARGAINING TEAM? Bargaining Chair: Corrin Hickey – Lakewood H.S., Bargaining Members: Mark Ennen – Newcomb K-8, Donna Gerren – Roosevelt E.S., Gerry Morrison –McBride HS, Maritza Summers – Mann E.S., Kevin Quinn – Edison E.S., Christine Kelly – MacArthur E.S., Sybil Baldwin – CDC, Maria Garcia – Head Start.

Calendar for Health Benefit Ratification

March 15th all Member Q & A meeting @ TALB – 4362 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

March 15th – March 17thRatification Vote – Results Posted Monday March 20th.

Head Start Results for School Climate & Administrator Survey 2016-17

The survey results for the Head Start Program and Early Learning Center Managers have been added to the results page of the School Climate and Administrator Survey. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

Here are some highlights:

  • Based on 48.24% of head start members participating in the School Climate Survey, 98% said that they feel safe working at their school site, 76% said that morale is high among teachers at their school site, only 36% said that students have adequate access to medical personnel, and only 62% said that students have adequate access to mental health personnel.
  • Natasha Vaughn-Jackson received an average score of 3.67 out of 4.00 receiving an “A” Grade of 91.63%. This is an improvement from last year’s score of 3.21 “B” Grade of 80.25%. This year's score makes her eligible to be nominated by TALB members for the Outstanding Administrator Award.

  • Based on 43.53% of head start members participating in the Administrator Survey, 100% said that their Early Learning Center Manager respects the privacy and confidentiality of staff members, 92% said that their Early Learning Center Manager promotes a positive climate that fosters professionalism, teamwork, and cooperation in the staff, 79% said that their Early Learning Center Manager is a good match for the Head Start Program, and 75% rated their Early Learning Center Manager as “Effective” or “Distinguished.” Only 3% gave an “Unsatisfactory” rating.

Click the button below to see more general observations and the results for the Head Start Program. (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Results for School Climate & Administrator Survey 2016-17

The results for the 2016-17 School Climate & Administrator Survey results have been posted.

General Observations

  • 80% said the District provides adequate ACCESS to Professional Development Services while 65% said the District provides adequate QUALITY Professional Development Services.
  • 58.64% rated their administrator as either “Effective” or “Distinguished.”
    12% rated their administrator as “Unsatisfactory.”

Top Scoring Principals

Pictured here is Joyce Cox and Caroline Nemec, recipients of the Outstanding Administrator Award for 2015-16.

Pictured here is Joyce Cox and Caroline Nemec, recipients of the Outstanding Administrator Award for 2015-16.

Having a principal that is not supportive of faculty can be challenging so it is truly noteworthy when we have some great principals. Here are this year's top scoring administrators:

  • Juan Gutierrez from Kettering Elementary (3.71 out of 4.00 average score)
  • Cassandra Fanton from Gant Elementary (3.70 out of 4.00 average score)
  • Lester Lawson from Lowell Elementary (3.69 out of 4.00 average score)

These three are eligible to be nominated by TALB members for this year's Outstanding Administrator Award. To submit a nomination, click the button below:

Bargaining Update

The TALB/LBUSD bargaining teams met on Wednesday, January 18th and Thursday, February 2nd. The teams held lengthy discussions on adjunct duties and the number of hours of adjunct duties assigned. There has been some conceptual agreement surrounding Health Benefits in an ongoing struggle to keep medical plans under the District Annual Maximum. Still on the table is Compensation for the 2016-17 school year. While there is some anxiety surrounding the State budget and Federal policies, which may or may not affect LBUSD, investing in education is a long held tradition, it is “The Long Beach Way”. The next bargaining session is scheduled for March 7th at the TALB office.