Calendar Survey Results

Here are the results of the Calendar Survey:

Would you prefer to have the entire Thanksgiving week off? (Even if it meant making up 3 days some other time during the school year?)                    

Yes         723 (79.28%)

No          189  (20.72%)

Track B teachers, which do you prefer to be longer?

            I would prefer Winter Break be longer.           106 (14.76%)

            I would prefer Spring Break be longer.           139 (19.36%)                     

            I am not a Track B teacher.                               473 (65.88%)

Are there any holidays which you would like to have observed during the school year? (Remember, there are 182 days in a school year. If other holidays are observed, the school year will either have to begin earlier or end later.)  

Top three responses:

Cesar Chavez

Good Friday

Rosh Hashanah