Kindergarten Task Force Meets to Collaborate and Brainstorm

Kindergarten teachers from 10 different Elementary schools came together today to discuss important issues facing our youngest students and their teachers. Topics included scheduling, testing, report cards, transitional Kindergarten issues, class size, the effectiveness of small group instruction, and they brainstormed ideas to increase student achievement.

At the Kindergarten level, teachers have to administer literacy tests to their students one at a time (one to one).Tests can take from 30-40 minutes per student.  About three years ago, Kindergarten class sizes increased from 20 to 30 students per class. This has been a big concern for many of the Kindergarten teachers because there is not enough time in the school day to give tests and teach the students.  Many of the Kindergarten teachers are taking their own personal days in order to have enough time to conduct all of the required one to one literacy testing.

Kindergarten teachers work hard to meet the early literacy needs of the diverse population of Long Beach. They are doing their best to meet requirements while continuing to provide a quality education to Long Beach’s youngest students.

There are about 50 Elementary schools in Long Beach Unified School District.

The next Kindergarten Task Force meeting will be in February.