COMING UP: First Fridays at TALB on Dec. 5th

We're planning a fun evening during First Fridays at TALB on Dec. 5th, 2014 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm as we transform the TALB Parking Lot into a fun community space. Plan to join us as we engage with the community! We'll be at 4362 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807.

TALB Holiday Re-Gift Exchange & Decorations Swap

The Teachers Association of Long Beach and Catalyst Network of Communities are partnering together to set up a pop-up Long Beach Free Store for a Holiday Re-Gift Exchange and Decorations Swap.

Holiday Re-Gift Exchange:

  • Bring toys in good condition
  • Bring old gifts that you received before but hadn’t used (for adults or kids)
  • Bring items that could be good gifts (in general – adults as well)

1 for 1 Trade = take up to the same # of items that you bring

Winter Holiday Decorations Swap:

  • Lights
  • Ornaments
  • Decorations

Donate old decorations in good condition. Anyone can take decorations (even if you aren’t able to donate).

Click here for a flyer.

Complimentary Goodies

FREE hot chocolate and hot tea sponsored by MetLife!

FREE DOOR PRIZES will be sponsored by NEA Valuebuilders and Security Benefit and Catalyst Network of Communities!

Photo by Vaughan Risher


Esther Kang, sometimes as Coocakes, is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter and recent transplant in the magnificent land of LBC. Music is her language of choice. She sings and plays the guitar and has lately befriended a loop station and a drum machine. They're rocking her world. The release of first EP is slated for early next year. Find her on Facebook here.


Elmast Kozloyan is a poet trapped in limbo between magic and reality (though seldom chooses the latter). At the age of fifteen won silver for poetry in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and since then has become an editor at CSULA's Statement Magazine, a mentor for youth poets and published in places such as Cadence Collective, Poetry in Motion, Pacific Review, the East Jasmine Review and Los Angeles Times.


Raundi Moore-Kondo is convinced that the Zombie Apocalypse is just another metaphor for poetry which explains her strange compulsion to infect everyone with it. To that end, she founded For The Love of Words Creative Writing Workshops and Small Press. She is the publisher and co-author of The Mammary Chronicles: The Hills Are Alive  (a chapbook to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer charities), A Poet is a Poet No Matter How Tall and A Poet is A Poet Episode II: Attack of The Poems  (Two all-ages poetry anthologies written containing poets of all ages, shapes, and sizes) and Let The Ends Spill Over Your Lips  (her first full-length poetry collection). Raundi has been previously published in Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug on Tebot Bach, Aim For The Head on Write Bloody Press, Lummox Vols. I, II, and III,  My Poem Rocks, Geek Girl and Cadence Collective. She has been L.A. Examiner’s Poetry Pick, Moon Tide Press’ Poet of the Month, Rick Lupert’s 2013 Poetry Holiday Pick, and winner of The Lightbulb Mouth Literary Adventure Part V. When Raundi isn’t pushing poetry on people she is bassist for Hurt and the Heartbeat and Daisy UnChained. Read more at

Amanda Tan is a Los Angeles native in her mid-20s who is constantly looking for creative, expressive outlets. She preaches balance and has dabbled in a variety of activities including: theater, dance, and writing. Her ultimate aim in writing poetry is to create, express, and reveal meaningful reflections and shadows of her inner world. Find more about her by clicking here.


From Long Beach, CA Felicia Cade is a thought provoking Spoken Word artist who emerged under the influence of playwright, director and author Linda Del Mar. Through study and practice of various genres she has found her creative voice in Spoken Word. 

After experiencing a disconnect amongst artists, and an inconsistency of live poetry events in the South Bay area, Felicia has founded two monthly open mic events; P.O.W. every first Thursday and EMPACT which occurs every second Tuesday. Both events are intended to provide a platform for Spoken Word artists to connect with one another to further develop a community of poets as well as to support all forms of creative expression.

In addition to regularly performing wherever and whenever she has the opportunity to share her work, Felicia has also organized, collaborated, and been the featured artist in several community events. At the start of her newly emerging career she organized the 2011 Martin Luther King jr Peace Gathering. She was also a featured artist at Spellbound and Spoken Word In The Harbor. In 2012 she was the headlining Spoken Word artist at the Cambodian New Year Celebration in Cambodia Town. In 2013 she launched P.O.W., was featured on local Long Beach media outlets such as Stacks TV and on Padnet. In 2014 she launched the open mic Empact and organized King and Queen of the Open Mic, Dance for Peace, and collaborated with fellow local leaders to produce Dancefest, and Color Me Long Beach.

Off the stage you can easily find Felicia advocating for local youth and aspiring artists through her capacity as Assistant Manager and Technical Director at Long Beach’s infamous Homeland Cultural Center.  

Click here to watch Felicia perform.