VIDEO: First Fridays at TALB from Sept. 5th

We're starting the new school year with anticipation and excitement. In addition to maintaining a high priority on teacher advocacy, we are also committed to cultivating positive relationships in the community while also engaging members in a fresh way. We are joining CTA's efforts to build partnerships and friends in the community both locally and statewide so that we can elevate the value of education professions within the community at-large.

TALB is planning ways to help you feel more engaged with each other, our Association, and the community. You'll be able to connect with colleagues to develop on a professional level and you'll also be able to build friendships through social activities. You'll also have opportunities to volunteer with community partners as well as participating in organized advocacy efforts. Together, we can raise the profile of what it means to be a TALB member!

Watch a video of the fun we had here at the TALB office on First Fridays: