CTA Recommends Tom Torlakson

The California Teachers Association is recommending Tom Torlakson for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Click here to learn more about Tom. He has championed:

  • More funding for ALL students with Local Control
  • The Quality Education Investment Act
  • Implementing the Common Core State Standards
  • A Well-Rounded Education

He also supports:

  • Adequately funding public education so that all students have a chance to succeed.
  • Learning over testing.
  • Assistance, not sanctions to help lower-performing schools.
  • Smaller class sizes and the continued improvement of our neighborhood schools.
  • Accountability for all schools, including charter schools.
  • Teachers and parents having a voice in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

He opposes paying and evaluating teachers based solely on student test scores.

Read more about Tom Torlakson at his web site here.

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