TALB General Election Process

Election Process

Ballots will go out to K-12 Representatives at the February 24th Representative Council meeting. Ballots will be mailed on February 25th to members without a site and CDC/Head Start members. 

All ballots must be returned to the TALB office by Friday, March 13th, 2015, at 4:30 P.M.

No candidate may handle the ballots, conduct the election, or return the ballots to the office.

No candidate or agent of candidate will disseminate campaign materials during a Representative Council meeting.

A copy of all campaign material must be given to the TALB office before it is distributed.

All candidates for TALB office, excluding those running for local delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly, will be given an opportunity to speak at the Representative Council meeting on February 24th.  Candidates for President, Vice-President and Secretary will have two (2) minutes to speak.  Candidates for TALB Board of Directors will have two (2) minutes to speak.  Candidates for CTA State Council will have one (1) minute to speak.