Keep the Promise to California Students

Governor Brown’s proposed budget increases K-12 spending $6.1 billion above what was projected in January, based largely on higher-than-anticipated state revenues. "The finances of California have stabilized," Brown said, when he released the budget Thursday morning. "We're balancing our budget and just since January, several billion dollars have come into the state treasury. Most of that is going to go into education, as state law requires. There is tremendous growth in education," Brown said. "The fundamentals of what government's supposed to do -- health and education -- that's the focus of our spending."

Now the “dance” begins with the State Legislature and the Governor with a constitutional deadline of June 15th to pass a budget.

“The governor’s revised state budget plan keeps the promise to California’s students and the promise of Proposition 30 as approved by voters. His continued commitment and repayment of the debt owed to California’s students, schools and colleges keeps us on the road to recovery. After years of more than $20 billion in devastating budget cuts and thousands of educator layoffs, that recovery is still in the beginning stages. Critical student programs are beginning to be restored, but our class sizes remain the largest in the country, we rank 46th in per-student funding, and dead last in the number of school counselors and librarians. The May revised budget, which includes the repayment of all school deferrals is another important step in the right direction.

The governor’s proposal also includes critical support to ensuring we have a qualified teacher in every classroom. Teacher quality starts with adequately preparing and supporting beginning teachers with a quality induction and mentor program. Equally important is the continued commitment to helping students and educators transition to the new California Standards. Educators need quality training, support, updated textbooks and classroom resources.

We appreciate the governor’s commitment to no tuition hikes at the state’s universities and colleges, additional resources for adult and career technical education and tax relief for low-income, working families. We also support funding for child care and to expand health care opportunities for children and all Californians.

CTA looks forward to working with the governor, the Legislature and community partners in passing a final state budget that keeps the promise to students and our state’s future.”

– Dean Vogel, CTA President