TAKE ACTION: Important State Budget Update From CTA

This is a critical time in the legislative process as lawmakers are entering negotiations on the budget that they must adopt by June 15th. We appreciate the work some of you have done thus far to help our lobbying efforts aimed at urging the legislature to keep the promise to California students.
As we said earlier this month, the governor's May Revision is very good for schools and we continue to support his proposal. Schools are getting the bulk of the revenues to restore funding cuts shouldered during the toughest recession years. The money going to Prop. 98 is funding that is owed to our schools and students, mandated by law, and helps keep us on the road to recovery.
Unfortunately, there is disagreement in the legislature on how to fund child care.
The governor and the legislature took child care out of the Prop. 98 side of the budget in 2011 and the Education Coalition, of which we are a part, supported that action. The governor kept child care out of his May Revision proposal and the Assembly Budget Committee did the same yesterday. However, the Senate voted to put child care back into Prop. 98. Child care is a mixture of programs including licensed exempt providers, private child care providers, and licensed center care.  
The Senate Budget recommendation puts a nearly $1 billion burden for child care back into Prop. 98. We support child care and are advocating for more money that comes from outside of Prop. 98. However, if child care is put back into Prop. 98, the expense of child care, in future years, will limit our ability to restore K-12 programs such as lower class sizes and hiring much needed counselors, nurses and librarians for our students and schools. 
How you can help:
We need to send a strong message to lawmakers that, like the governor, they too must keep the promise to California's students.
Call your legislators at 1-866-553-8040 today through June 15th.
Simply dial 1-866-553-8040 and you will be connected to your Assembly member. Make a second call to speak with your state senator. Urge them to keep the promise to California's students and make sure all Prop. 98 funding stays in Prop. 98. Use these talking points when you make your call.
Receive updates by text message.
Right now, on your cell phone text the word Prop98 to 69866. This will sign you up for text alerts. In June we will send text updates which can also connect you to your legislators.
This collective action will help make sure the state will restore some of that funding that our students lost during the toughest economic years.

Thank you for taking action!