TALB Friend of Education Award Recipients 2015-16

Congratulations to this year's TALB Friend of Education Award recipients! The TALB Friend of Education Award recognizes individuals or organizations that demonstrate outstanding support of public education while exemplifying the high ideals of the Teachers Association of Long Beach.

Recreation Fitness
Emily Duval Ledger

Emily Duval Ledger of Recreation Fitness is a true advocate for helping teachers to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  She was a key community partner when we established the new TALB Healthy Lifestyles Group in 2015. When TALB began revitalizing member engagement with First Fridays, Emily was there with activities, games, and her ever-engaging smile. Emily has gone above and beyond giving support to TALB members. She has donated many personal training sessions as drawing prizes, spearheaded games for our Day of the Teacher BBQs, and has provided our Healthy Lifestyles Group with in-kind group workout sessions once per month. 

About Recreation Fitness

Our philosophy is simple: if your workouts give you joy, they are more effective, both short- and long-term. We think it is a shame that anyone would pay a trainer they do not like, or treat exercise like another “to do” on the list.

We love fitness games, burpees, and kale. We love grass in our hair, mud on our pants and that unbelievable feeling of victory when you reach the top of Signal Hill.

We hate crash diets, exercise fads and one-size-fits-all training programs because they do not work (That’s right! We said it!) and only leave you hungry, uninspired, and unfit.

So we’ve created fun, innovative, and efficient workouts and delicious food philosophies that we know you’ll love. Really, really LOVE. So join us in saying:

Hello, sunshine… Goodbye, muffin top! Let’s take this outside.

Kaitlin Musser

For the past four years, Kaitlin Musser, along with her wonderful husband Charlie Musser, has volunteered her time and dedication to the students at Franklin Middle School. Partnering with teacher Ruth Lisha, they have started a school garden, a worm farm, a butterfly garden, an Eco all school recycling club, an all school composting program, and an all school food donations program with food finders. Kaitlin has also found weekly professional career motivational speakers to share with the Long Beach Scholars program and the zero period sixth grade class, donated treats for the yearly teacher appreciation week and helped organize the Halloween carnivals. Mrs. Musser has helped coordinate volunteer chaperones for various field trips to local fairs, colleges and performances; as well as beach clean-ups and tree planting events around the neighborhood. She has helped get local support and excitement from various non-profit and for profit organizations to support Franklin and its community. Kaitlin is proud to be an honorary Franklin Wildcat and has enjoyed watching the staff and scholars truly impact and change the city of Long Beach.

Long Beach Free Store
Sharon Moiseiff & Jewell Faamaligi

The Long Beach Free Store was established in 2011 to help people share what they have and find what they need, to facilitate community sharing, activate underused resources, and divert material items away from the waste stream. It's a way for people to donate items that are in good condition to help others and to prevent added waste going to the landfill. It operates as a program of Catalyst Network of Communities, a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps people and groups to connect, collaborate, and share resources.

The Long Beach Free Store partnered with TALB two years ago and has set up their free store during First Fridays as a way to help teachers connect with the community. Teachers have been donating items to the Free Store at TALB and they have also benefited by receiving items. The concept is simple but the commitment, energy, and resources that Free Store staff has given to TALB members are noteworthy. Sharon Moiseiff and Jewell Faamaligi and other volunteers have consistently set up and taken down equipment, supplies, and donated items every month that TALB has participated in First Fridays since the beginning. Each month they transport a car full of excess donations to and from TALB, and they store everything in their personal homes or at alternate locations. Our TALB members have participated in helping to set up and take down the Free Store because it has become a valued part of the community space that TALB is trying to create with the community during First Fridays. The free store has also brought many of their regulars in the community to our TALB space to discover what we do for educators.

In addition, they set up for our annual TALB Family Picnic on Halloween. They have donated several hundred dollars in decorations and door prizes for First Fridays. They have also donated the use of their tables, chairs, EZ-up, and PA system for TALB's use at many of our events. They have referred many musicians to perform for TALB events including our annual picnic and at First Fridays.

They do this because of their commitment to educators. Their way of supporting Long Beach public education and students is by serving the teachers in this way. Their mission is focused on sharing and they have tirelessly shared their time, energy, and resources with us.