TALB Human Rights Award Recipient 2015-16

Congratulations to this year's TALB Human Rights Award recipient! The TALB Human Rights Award recognizes individuals or organizations that have made notable contributions in the advancement of human and civil rights.

AIDS Food Store Long Beach

It was 30 years ago at the dawn of the AIDS epidemic that members of the community came together to address the issue of hunger to those infected with HIV/AIDS. In the mid 1980’s, there was fear and stigma associated with AIDS and these brave men and women stood up against this fear. They proudly provided those infected and in need with bags of nutritious food. In the early years of AIDS Food Store, we served nearly 400 clients each month. The nutrition provided allowed the clients to live a few additional weeks until they succumbed to the disease. Demand from the community grew so large that in 1992 AIDS Food Store became its own 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Today we continue our free fresh, healthy and nutritious food distribution twice a month serving up to 120 persons per month. With the advancement of medication and research, our clients are now utilizing servicesfor years, rather than weeks. Our organization receives financial support, food and supplies from local organizations, businesses, foundations, community groups, churches, restaurants and individuals. We are a 100 percent volunteer organization. Our clients pay nothing.

AIDS Food Store continues to stand true to our mission of addressing the need of hunger…whether infected or affected, AIDS Food Store will never turn anyone away.