TALB Outstanding Administrator Award Recipients 2015-16

Congratulations to this year's TALB Outstanding Administrator Award recipients! The TALB Outstanding Administrator Award recognizes K-12 principals, CDC program coordinators, and/or Head Start education specialists that have earned the respect and admiration of their faculty, the Association, and the community.

Joyce Cox
Student Health Services
TALB Administrator Survey Score: 3.84 out of 4.00, 96%, A

Joyce Cox has been a school nurse for 38 years.  She started with Long Beach Unified School District 21 years ago.  She has been a school nurse, Mentor Resource Nurse, Lead Nurse and was recently promoted to Program Specialist.   She is a Program Specialist to 50 school nurses and 27 health assistants.  Joyce exemplifies the consummate leader as she inspires, guides, supports, and cares. She has a really good sense of humor.  She is approachable, listens to your concerns, helps you problem solve, has an open door policy, and is always available for consult.  Joyce has worked tirelessly to create a cohesive and supportive environment.  She has created committees which gives school nurses a bigger voice in managing our school nurse practice such as policy and procedure revision, form review and revision, and the Nursing Leadership Team. 

Joyce advocates for nurses, health assistants, students, parents and staff.  She brings educational programs to our students and staff and is instrumental in creating lasting relationships with outside organizations which include The Children’s Clinic, CSULB nursing students, vision programs, dental programs, the Assistance League of Long Beach, and the Long Beach Health department, to name a few.  She fosters these partnerships as well as brings new services to our students.  She organizes and implements free TB testing for VIPS so parents can be involved in their children’s education and schools.  She was able to implement that every school in LBUSD have an AED and stock Epipen.

Joyce has been recognized for her outstanding contribution to school nursing.  She was awarded School Nurse of Year in 2013 from the Long Beach Nurse Association (LBSNA).  Joyce has gone above and beyond in supporting the school nurses even before she was officially our Program Specialist.  She has worked to advocate for more nurses after the lean years of budget cuts and was also able to implement health assistants without usurping the role of the school nurse.  She was a finalist for the GEM award from Nurse.com, which honors, recognizes and celebrates nursing excellence.  She was recognized for her outstanding leadership in a time of dramatically reduced funding and decreased morale.  She encouraged nursing staff to stand together and visit school board member to talk about the importance of school nursing.  These experiences and Joyce’s effort have created a cohesive group of nurses who continue to work together and create change within the department and district.

She participates in all the fundraising and community services that LBSNA sponsors that go directly to the children and families in LBUSD.  She is involved in statewide committees to improve the roles of school nurses and to keep abreast of new legislation and standards of care so these can be disseminated and taught to the nurses in the field in a timely and consistent manner.  Her professionalism, positive demeanor and support have been so appreciated and life changing for the nurses of LBUSD.

Caroline Nemec
Lincoln Elementary
TALB Administrator Survey Score: 3.66 out of 4.00, 91.50%, A

Carrie, Principal at Lincoln Elementary, should be recognized for achieving so many goals this year for her school. At the beginning of the school year she ordered a cosmetic maintenance for the school, fixing all the dangerous areas of the playground. She visits classrooms and teaches mini-lessons, and always remembers to show appreciation for her staff. She also never forgets to recognize students for their efforts.  She continues to strive for the best for her students and staff.

Carrie always makes an effort to engage with the students and their families. Before school, she can be found on the playground or in front of the school greeting staff, parents, and students. It is not unusual to see her playing four square with the students, and on Fridays, she brings out her boombox and plays music for the kids to dance before school starts. She dances with them, too! Every Monday, the students and staff gather for a Monday Morning Meeting with music, cheers led by the new cheer squad, the Lincoln Song, the Pledge of Allegiance, P.R.I.D.E., and a briefing of the expectations/highlights for the up-coming week. This meeting is no more than 15 minutes, but it starts the entire school off with a positive and productive attitude. She even holds parent meetings in dual languages so that everyone can access the information. She has brought hope for students and families that lack resources, support, and many other basic necessities.

Carrie Nemec is most deserving of this award. She is a great listener, has an open door policy, and is always asking for input and implementing suggestions from her staff to improve the school. She brings out feelings of trust, support, and professionalism with all school faculty, students, and parents. Those who work with her say that she has done more to improve the school climate and environment than anyone before. For this reason, we are proud to recognize Carrie Nemec as the Outstanding Administrator of the year.