TALB Scholarship Foundation Award Recipients 2015-16

Congratulations to this year's TALB Scholarship Foundation Award recipients! 

Outstanding Student Scholarship Award

The Outstanding Student Scholarship Award is given by the TALB Scholarship Foundation to recognize outstanding student achievement in the areas of academics, leadership, and civic engagement. Recipients are well-rounded individuals that demonstrate a notable capacity for learning and service to others.

Regan Evans

Regan Evans, a senior at Capistrano Valley High School, is excited to pursue her college career at University of New Mexico. As of right now she is considering a major in Nursing. She hopes to become a Physician's Assistant so that she can help people for a living. For most of her life, she has enjoyed helping people and has always wanted to have a job where she can do that. Being a nurse or a doctor would seem to fit her ideal lifestyle. As a student, Regan has kept up with a 4.0 cumulative GPA while playing both club and high school soccer.  She is very excited to receive this scholarship as it will help her start a new chapter in her life.

Sophie Morrison

Sophie has attended Long Beach Unified schools since she was 4 years old. Starting at Minnie Gant Elementary, she continued to Hill Middle School and on to the Quest program at Millikan. She will complete her Long Beach education by attending CSULB as an honor student in the Fall. She is an aspiring writer and is the Head Reporter at Millikan’s Corydon newspaper. For her Quest senior project, she wrote a screenplay based on the novel, The Secret History. While at CSULB she will be studying Political Science with a minor in Journalism. A Girl Scout since she was 7, Sophie’s been involved in camping, service projects and cookie sales and continues to volunteer as an aide at summer camp. She has played tennis for Millikan all four years, the last two on the varsity team and is a soccer maniac, playing U19 for Long Beach. In her free time she enjoys going to concerts, traveling, reading, horseback riding, and spending time with her friends. She enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Daisy and Poppy. She looks forward to trips with her family back to her parents’ native countries, England and Ireland, as well as annual trips to Guatemala. She hopes that while at university she can continue to travel with her family as well as independently. She is proud to receive this scholarship from TALB. 

Career Advancement Scholarship Award

The TALB Career Advancement Scholarship Award is given by the TALB Scholarship Foundation to recognize the value of educators pursuing higher education in order to grow one’s capacity as an effective educator. Recipients are current teachers that demonstrate a notable desire to grow as a more effective educator.

Felicia Burton
Jordan Plus

Felicia Burton has had several experiences that have influenced her decision to become an educator, dating back to high school when she was an elementary school tutor. She began her career in education as a facilitator’s clerk and eventually a supervising school secretary. After becoming known by the students as the “office teacher,” Felicia decided to pursue a career in teaching. She enrolled in college, pursuing a BA degree in Liberal Studies and an elementary teaching credential; however, the experiences she had with her son, who has special educational needs and teachers who worked with him, influenced a change in direction. Felicia pursued certification to teach students with special educational needs. Her first teaching assignment was in a Guidance Opportunity Class. Felicia asserts this was the most memorable teaching experience she could imagine. She is currently teaching at Jordan Plus H.S. and views it as a pleasure to work with the students on this campus. She currently works with seniors, helping them with post-secondary transition. While challenges do exist – all of her students are credit deficient and most lack motivation, Felicia does not let this deter her in her mission to guide her students to the next aspect of their post-secondary lives, whatever that may be. Felicia’s focus with all students is to provide them with the skills and knowledge they will need to be self-sufficient, successful adults. She encourages her students to become life-long learners. She does not just talk about becoming a life-long learner, she models this for her students. Felicia is currently pursuing a doctorate degree (Ed.D) in Special Education Leadership through Walden University. She views herself as a scholar-practitioner, who not only learns, but also applies her knowledge in her everyday practice. Felicia sees the education arena as an ever-evolving phenomena with new research continually being conducted to aid educators to better assist all students in reaching their full potential; therefore, educators must also evolve. As an educator, she believes she must stay abreast of the current trends in education in order to keep up with our rapidly changing society. Felicia’s future academic plans extend beyond high school. Felicia would like to use the knowledge she is acquiring to assist new teachers prepare to teach the 21st century student. Felicia would also like to reach out to first-year College students. Research has shown that many first-year college students are ill-prepared for the rigor of college. However, Felicia would like to use her expertise to make the experiences of first-year college students more academically rewarding.