Hot Topic for January: Meetings & Planning Time

The School Site Reps were asked to get your feedback on January's Hot Topic at your 10 Minute Meeting when you return from Winter Recess. Please participate and please be sure to fill out a Roll Call Sheet!

The Hot Topic for January:

  • K-12 Hot Topic: Meetings
  1. Does your site use all 4 monthly meetings?  How many of them are used for Professional Development?  How many of them take place during a conference period?
  2. Does your administrator ask you to read an article prior to meetings?  Are you asked to complete a form based on that reading prior to the meeting?
  3. Do you have any input into the agenda for the mandatory meetings?
  4. Do any of the 4 meetings appear to be meetings just for the sake of filling the required 4 hours?
  5. Does your administration try to get you to attend more than 4 meetings per month?
  • CDC/Head Start Hot Topic: Planning Time
  1. Is “Planning Time” built into your daily schedule?
  2. Is your “Planning Time” a block of time at least 30 minutes long?
  3. Who determines when you get “Planning Time”?
  4. Is “nap time” included as part of your planning time?