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Parent’s Responsibility

Parent’s Duty to Discipline and Control Their Children

Under California law, parents and legal guardians are responsible for the conduct of their minor children. Ultimately, parents must maintain discipline and control of their children's behavior, whether at school or away from school. The parental duty in this regard includes direct responsibility for all aspects of children's conduct and financial liability for their misconduct or negligence. See generally, Family Code 3010, 3900, 4100-4105. Certainly parents are also prohibited from abusing or neglecting their children.

While parents are ultimately liable, students are required to conform their conduct to acceptable standards. These general standards include the duties to:

  • Attend school punctually and regularly (5 CAL. Code Reg. 300)
  • Obey promptly all directives of teachers and others in authority (5 CAL. Code Reg 300)
  • Observe good order and proper deportment (5 CAL. Code Reg 300)
  • Be respectful to teachers and others in authority (5 CAL. Code Reg 300)
  • Be kind and courteous to other students (5 CAL. Code Reg 300)
  • Refrain entirely from the use of profane and vulgar language (5 CAL. Code Reg 300)
  • Remain on school premises (5 CAL. Code Reg 303)

Students are specifically prohibited from intentionally damaging, defacing or destroying school property, under the penalty of suspension or expulsion. (5 CAL. Code Reg. 301)

In the event of a student's expulsion, a rehabilitation program may be instituted in lieu of expulsion and the school board is authorized to involve the student's parents in the student's rehabilitation. Ed. Code 48917.