Perks of Membership

Participating more actively in your Association has its benefits! In addition to the protections you receive and the thousands of dollars in savings you can get, you can also receive nice perks.

Are you maximizing your membership?

TALB's Levels of Engagement program is a rubric that outlines accumulating incentives (or perks) given to TALB members at four identified levels of engagement:

Level 1 Member

TALB Member that votes in TALB elections, has current contact info, and stays informed by reading the UPDATE newsletters.

PERK: All members receive a free grocery tote bag.

Level 2 Member

TALB Member also participates in activities and events monthly or at least 5 times per year.

PERK: Name placed in monthly drawing for FREE gift card prizes! Attend multiple activities and events for more chances to win.

Level 3 Member

TALB Member also participates in phone banks (or precinct walks) AND volunteers in a committee (or serves as a site rep).


  • Receive FREE car wash gift card!
  • Name placed in an annual drawing for FREE prizes: airline ticket gift card, spa day, fitness classes, gondola getaway, fresh produce, and more!
  • Name placed in drawing for a Club Suite experience at Dodger Stadium! (25 winners)
  • Eligible to have a singles room (instead of double) covered for CTA conference stays!


Level 4 Member

TALB Member also runs as a candidate for TALB Board, CTA State Council, and/or NEA-RA and also attends CTA Conferences.

PERK: Intrinsic value from helping to shape our Association and also our education profession!