School Climate and Administrator Surveys

Each year, TALB members have an opportunity to anonymously evaluate their school's climate and working conditions as well as their administrators. This tool gives you a voice to share your feedback and perceptions about the environment you work in.

The survey period is Monday, January 2, 2017 through Friday, January 27, 2017.

Individual responses are kept strictly confidential. School site and administrator results will only be published for those that receive at least 50% participation of the members at that site. Please encourage maximum participation from your colleagues!

Results are used in a variety of ways. TALB uses the aggregate survey results to work with the District in changing or improving the working conditions at school sites. Teachers, nurses, and librarians use results to consider transferring to other sites. Top scoring administrators will be eligible to receive nominations from TALB members for our new Administrator Award, recognized at the annual TALB Unity Celebration awards and retirement banquet on June 9th, 2017.

NOTE: This is an online tool for your convenience and for efficiency of data collection so it relies on an honor system. Please ONLY complete this survey if you are a current TALB member and please ONLY complete the survey for any given school or administrator once. If you work at multiple school sites, complete the survey for the site where you are listed on the TALB site roster (the place you vote and receive materials from us). Please help us to preserve the integrity and accuracy of our survey collection so that your fellow colleagues and the District can have valuable data.

The online survey is for all K-12 TALB Members ONLY. CDC/Head Start members will be sent a paper survey at their school site and should not fill this one out. Nurses should complete this survey for your primary school site (the place you vote and receive materials). Nurses will receive a link to an additional survey for the Student Health Services Program Specialist.