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Factors in Determining Transfers:  One or more of the following factors shall be used in determining transfers initiated by employees or by the administration:

            1.   Credential(s)

            2.   Department major and minor fields of study

            3.   Department, grade level, or team teaching responsibility in the affected schools

            4.   Staffing needs of the schools (gender, ethnicity, teaching experience)

            5.   Special skills in areas which are adjunct to regular duties 

            6.   Compliance with State and Federal law

            7.   Recommendation of site interview team

When the above factors are substantially comparable, length of service in the District will determine transfers; except that in cases of equivalent length of service in the District, additional consideration will be given to the employee's length of service at the present school site.

If there is an employer initiated transfer, TALB must be involved. Contact TALB immediately.

Transfer requests are due by the (31st of March).

A list of known openings for the next school year will be posted at school sites no later than March 15. Informational postings of vacancies will be sent to TALB in April, May, June, and July. In addition, a list of known secondary vacancies for the spring semester will be posted in mid-December. Each list is to include all known vacancies at that time. If you have requested a specific assignment, you should be notified of your status at the time that the position is filled. Otherwise, notification will occur with the annual distribution of notices of assignment.

Nurse and librarian transfers are subject to all of the transfer provisions in the contract and enjoy a special section which entitles them as a unit to confer with the District about equitable staffing ratios prior to the beginning of each school year (Article X, G.5). 

Employees who are granted their transfer request are not eligible to apply for another transfer for three years.

Traditional School to Year Round School Transfers: Teachers transferring from schools on traditional calendars to schools on year-round calendars shall be provided the opportunity to work additional days during the first year of service in the year-round school to assure they can earn a full year of State Teachers Retirement Service. Teachers in year-round schools who change tracks and need to work additional days to assure a full year of State Teachers Retirement Service credit shall be provided the same opportunity.

Child Development Centers/Head Start transfer provisions are different. You must check your contract (Article VIII, page 35) for those variations.