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Did You Achieve Something Special?

We would like to recognize members at the annual banquet who achieved a noteworthy professional accomplishment this school year!

  • Did you earn a Master’s degree?
  • Did you earn a National Board Certification?
  • Did you earn a School Nurse Credential?
  • Did you earn an extra credential?
  • Did you receive an award for a school program?

In order to be recognized at the banquet, submit the Member Recognition Form below and photo by May 5th 2017 at the latest. 

Please email a photo of yourself (head shot down to shoulders) to unity@talb.org by the May 5, 2017 deadline in order to be included among the members who are recognized at the banquet.

NOTE: Submitting the Member Recognition Form below does not automatically register your attendance for the banquet. You will need to register for the banquet separately. Be sure to register early so that you can take advantage of the early-bird discount for TALB members! (The cost is not waived.)

Member Recognition Form